Saturday, January 15, 2005

Looking at the bright side

R has been laid off at work. Last week he announced, “Okay I’m the cook from now on.” Big sigh of relief here (pointing at myself). I’ve never denied that he’s a better cook than I am. RC said, “Daddy, you should work at McDonald’s because you’re good at cooking.” When I learned that R would be laid off, I prepared my kids ahead of time so that they wouldn’t bother me in asking if they can buy such and such. I hope that I didn’t worry RC too much about the lesser income that we’ll be dealing with.

R has been with the same company for six straight years. That’s the longest employment he’s had. He used to get laid off often before that. The old me, er, I should say, the younger me would be all stressed out once he’s laid off -- nagging here and snapping there. But I have matured and I realize that this is just one of the realities of life. So I am cool. I try to look at the bright side of things. Now that R’s cooking, we’ll have more sabaw, instead of the usual pritong this and pritong that.

R has been cooking since morning. “I can’t help you,” I told him. “I’m working today.” Later in the afternoon, he said, “nakakapagod ding magluto.” Well, now he must realize what I always go through when we throw birthday parties for the kids at home. I always beg him to at least help in cleaning the house before the guests come.

Kumpareng R and N came. As usual, inuman session na naman. They like listening to ‘80s music. Nababakla ang 3 kapag sinusundan ang mga kantang A Very Special Love, Come What May, atbp. Later, the wives came to pick up the 2. Thank goodness, these people are finally coming to their senses. They can’t drink and drive. They have to be responsible.

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