Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Of accidents and surprises

One other thing that touched me in the movie was when Allison, the 14 year-old daughter, found out that she was “an accident.” Both her mom and dad assured her that although they didn’t plan to have her, they both loved her. I felt her pain as she was torn between her two parents who decided to separate after Marty found out about the affair. I felt that pain at 12 years old when my parents separated.

Also, the "accident" scene reminded me of a “Roseanne” episode years back when DJ, the youngest son, found out as well that he was “an accident.” Roseanne said, “No DJ, you were not an accident. You were a surprise. An accident is something that happened that you wished didn’t. A surprise is something that you didn’t expect but you were glad that it did.” I liked that. If one of my kids would ask me someday if they were an accident, I would tell them the same thing.

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