Wednesday, January 19, 2005

On winter camping

The Grade 6 students in RC’s school went to winter camp today, as well as the Grade 6 teachers, including his, Mrs. M. RC is in a multi-age class, the English Grade 5/6. The seven Grade 5 and two Grade 6 students in his class who didn’t go to camp were sent to the Ukrainian Grade 5 room. RC’s subsitute teacher forgot that it was their library day and did not send them to the library. I think RC was a little bit upset about the disruption in the routine and that he has to wait until next week to get new library books.

RG went to winter camp when he was in Grade 6. They held a fund-raising - selling chocolates - to cover the cost of the trip. But I still ended up paying most of the fee. I encouraged RG to go because I thought that it could be the only chance that he'd experience winter camping. We’re not into camping as a family. It’s not easy to do if you don't own vehicle. Besides, both R and I are indoor people.

The camp was at a place about two hours drive from our city. On the way there, one of their buses broke down and they had to get out and wait in the snow for a little while. It wasn’t that bad. The campers stayed there for three days and two nights. The winter camp turned out to be a success and I think he, his classmates and teachers enjoyed it. He even learned how to make a quinzee. It’s like an igloo.

The first night that RG was gone, RC, who was 6 years old at that time, asked me at dinner…

RC: Mommy, is Kuya RG coming home?
Mom: No, he won’t be home until Friday afternoon.
RC: But I want him now.
Mom: Well, he’s not here now.

Then he cried. He missed RG just on the first night.

The next morning at work, I was melancholy. I was missing RG. My kumareng W came by to my desk for a little chat. I told her how I was feeling. Tears started to fall. That was the first time that RG was away from us. He’s had a few sleep-overs with friends before but it was the first time that he went out of town for more than a night. And we missed him terribly just on the first night. At least, RC and I did.

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