Monday, January 17, 2005

Good for her

Sometimes people get married for the wrong reason, for instance, money or the girl is pregnant. Sometimes they do it for the right reason, love, like Jen and Brad did. (I loved her in Friends and I am still looking forward to watching Troy.) But look at them now. And the millions of dollars that were spent on that lavish wedding, was it all just a waste? I used to envy people I know who had very nice, elegant, expensive weddings. I saw some of those marriages fall apart. I only had a very simple wedding due to lack of financial resources. My father-in-law even referred to it as kasal-kasalan, as if it was just some sort of play. But I am glad that my marriage had not fallen apart. Oh sure, we did stumble upon a few bumps in the road. Although we came out of it with a few scratches, we got up and continued going on stronger.

I try to avoid engaging in gossip. But I just couldn’t help commenting on this one. When the news about Jen and Brad first broke, there were speculations that they separated because she didn’t want to bring kids in the situation that they are in. I thought, good for her. Another speculation was that they separated because of Angelina. A few days ago, Angelina spoke out and said that she’s not the cause of the split. She said that Brad wanted to have a baby so much NOW, but Jen didn’t. I can’t really blame Jen. If the relationship is in trouble, why bring kids into the marriage? Sort out the relationship first. But being apart from each other most of the time doing movies, I don’t think that would be easy.

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