Monday, December 20, 2004

And the fun begins

It was the first day of school vacation. I have work until Christmas Eve.

RK: Mommy, Kuya RC said a bad word.
Mom: What did he say?
RK: He said that I look stupid.
I took a deep breath and instead of reprimanding RC, I just told RK…
Mom: But you don’t look stupid. You look handsome. Just ignore Kuya RC, okay.
RK: Okay

And the fun begins…

As usual, RC was playing basketball (Koosh ball) in their bedroom using the blue hamper as his basket/hoop. He would say, “Oh yes, he scores another one. Two minutes to go in this quarter. He tries to save it. He saved the day.” Or “70 needs to get a goal before the time runs out. Eee yaw. Touchdown.”

RK had been busy making his own YuGiOh cards, cutting and pasting paper. Kalat na naman.

RG was in the computer most of the time. Sometimes, he was in the basement playing PS2 games.

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