Saturday, December 04, 2004

It's a skating rink out there

RG was asking me last night if we could go to Long & McQuade (music store). I told him that we may have to wait until the Christmas holidays. He wanted to try out flutes. I asked him, “Why, do you want to buy a new one? We’re still paying for your saxophone.” We couldn’t afford a new instrument. He said that he just want to try out flutes.

At lunch...
RG: Mommy, do we have time to go to A&B today?
Mom: Not today, I’m working. We can go tomorrow.

Me: R, lalabas ka ba?
R: Sinisipon ako eh.
Mom: Okay RG, we’ll go tomorrow after lunch.

At church, Brother Jorge said, “I’m glad that you’re still all in one piece. It’s a skating rink out there.” Indeed, it was. We entered the parking lot of St. A and it was as if we entered a skating rink. I didn’t think that I could walk through that ice without slipping. I asked RK to hold me and we walked slowly, without slipping.

Mama said that Ancie threw up last night and that Gaudie had diarrhea. Uh, oh! When will it ever stop.

I finally transferred our home videos to VHS. My niece A, who is working on the school yearbook, wanted to borrow the tape of the concert because the person who was in charge of videotaping it for school run out of batteries that night. I recorded four tapes – RG’s graduation in June, RG’s band camp concert in August, RG’s birthday and his recent winter concert in November. We all had fun watching the winter concert especially the last number “Mustang Sally.” The guy who sang the vocals was very good. RK kept singing, “Ride Sally Ride.” He was so funny.

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