Saturday, December 18, 2004

Below 36

RG’s flute teacher called. She had the flu. No flute lesson today. RC wouldn’t go to catechism. He said that he was tired. I didn’t force him to go. He probably wasn’t feeling well as he complained of a tummy ache earlier.
Mom: Can you go next door by yourself?
RK: Yeah, I can.
Mom: Be careful when you walk there on the side of our house. Remember? Water was dripping yesterday and now it’s ice. It’s slippery.
RK: Yeah, I know how to walk on ice.
He took off his right boot and showed me how he curls his toes towards the ground for a grip.
Mom: That’s good. How did you know how to do that? I do that too.
RK: Oh, because when I walked on ice I did that and I didn’t slip.
Mom: Good boy.

The temperature dropped down to minus 36 C in the afternoon. After mass, sinasal ng ubo si Ma when we were in the car. There was frost inside the windows and we kept scraping them. My friend E called at night. She was already at the party. I told her that I wasn’t coming. “Sana dinaanan ka na lang namin. Hinahanap ka nila,” she said. Nahiya na ako to ask Mama to give me a ride. It was so very cold kasi. Besides, Mama doesn’t like driving at night. Malabo na ang mata. And the venue was also far from our place.

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