Saturday, December 11, 2004

Blowing snow

RG: Mommy, what medicine can I take? (for his cold)
Mom: The Actifed.
RG: Oh, that one makes me sleepy.
Mom: Well, that’s what cold medicines do. They don’t really cure the cold. They just cure the symptoms, thus making you sleepy.
RG: I’ll take it after my flute lesson.

It was Children’s Christmas party at work. RC and RK didn’t attend catechism. All the kids wanted to go because we were going shopping after the party. We met up with RG in the bus that he was on from his flute lesson. Only RK was eligible to get a present. He was the only one under 8 years old. I saw some friends with their kids at the party.

RK slipped on ice when we got off the bus downtown after the party. I thought he sprained his left hand. No, it just hurt a little.

We went to KP. I told the kids that we were buying their Christmas presents but won’t open them until Christmas. Instead of me buying them stuff that they didn’t really want, they could buy what they want. I don’t know what they want anymore. It was windy. Blowing snow. As we walk from one store to the next, small snow pellets sometimes blew in our faces and they hurt. I told RC and RK to look down while we were walking. RG and I were holding and guiding them anyway. The wind was gusting and there were times that the wind was literally blowing us away. It was also hard to walk. It was like walking on sand on the loosely packed snow. It was very tricky to walk, too. There was ice under the snow. You had to watch every step. The thing with the temperature going up, the snow melts, and then the next day the temperature goes down again, the melted snow freezes and turns into ice. Then it will snow again and we have ice under snow.

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