Sunday, December 19, 2004

Blustery weather

We were supposed to attend Tatang’s 70th birthday party at Kumkoon Restaurant at night. Tatang is my Kumpareng T’s father. But Mama called and said that it was windy and still very cold outside. Blowing snow. She didn’t want to drive. Can we not go? She asked. Okay. Sayang! I was looking forward to having some Chinese food.

RK showed me words that he wrote in handwriting and he read them, too. I was surprised.
Mom: How did you learn to do that? (They haven’t learned it in school yet. He’s only in Grade 1.)
RK: I copied it from my agenda.
He’s a smart boy, this one.

Mom: I like your haircut, RK. You look handsome. You know what’s handsome? Pogi. You know, Lola calls you pogi.
RK: Yeah, I know.
Mom: What?
RK thought long on how to put it in words. I tried to help him
Mom: Girls are beautiful and boys are handsome.
RK: Yeah, that.

RC and RK were wrestling each other on the sofa. RK got hurt. He showed me four fingernail marks on his left arm. RC pinched him. I reprimanded RC.

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