Monday, December 06, 2004

Two more sick ones

The smoke detector went off this the morning. I used the burner where the beef broth spilled last night. This prompted me to change the batteries of all 3 smoke detectors, which I had been putting off since the time changed to Daylight Savings Time. There were reminders all over the TV stations to change the smoke detector batteries in the Fall. It’s just that I’ve been so busy lately.

My nephew S didn’t go to school this morning because he was throwing up last night. Niece A called me and said that I didn’t have to go over there at lunch since S was home. I went anyway to make sure that S was okay and able to help his siblings. I then learned that Ancie went home after first period because she wasn’t feeling well. S picked her up at school. S was feeling better after lunch and went to school in the afternoon. I helped them out at lunch and made sure that everything was unplugged and turned off in the kitchen. Ancie stayed with me and I made her take a nap.

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