Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Of dark lines, languages and relating to boys

On The View, they have been following Elisabeth’s pregnancy. She is about 4-5 weeks pregnant now and the dark line on her tummy has begun to appear. Oh, I remember that line on mine during my pregnancies. It is called linea alva, while pregnant and linea negra after pregnancy.

On Ellen, Melina Kanakeredes was on. She said that she speaks Greek to both her children. But her youngest daughter is kind of confused because her oldest daughter talks to her in English. That was the same experience I had. But Melina was more determined to speak only in Greek to her kids at home. I do speak Tagalog to my kids but sometimes I still catch myself using the English word for a word that they understand in Tagalog. I talked about this before in Do they speak Tagalog? in Catherine's Corner.

On Dr. Phil, a wife of a marine, whose husband is on Iraq, and who has three boys, asked Robin, “Being a mother to two boys, how did you make them relate to you how they were feeling?” Robin’s answer was “I tried to relate to them. I would say, when I was that age, I went through the same thing and this was how I felt.” That was a good advice! Dr. Phil added that of course, girls tend to be more open to their mothers than boys are.

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