Sunday, December 05, 2004

What am I teaching him?

RG and I went downtown after lunch. I told him to watch where the bus was going so that he could learn how to go there by himself. As if I was ready to let him do that. A&B Sound is just in front of the MTS Centre. It’s very easy to find. It was the first time I saw the MTS Centre, finished, in all its glory. I’ve seen it on the news on TV and the pictures in the papers. But this was the first time that I stood next to it.

First, RG and I went to City Place . When we were leaving, a white guy, who looked pretty decent, approached us and asked if we could spare him some change. His car wouldn’t start and he needed bus fare to go home. The poor guy’s ears were red and he looked like he was telling the truth. I gave him one of my bus tickets, instead. If he were a Pana, I probably wouldn’t have given him any money or ticket. That’s also what I told RG. I told him, “If it were just you, don’t give any money to anybody, especially those Pana.” Am I prejudiced or what? Am I teaching my child to be one as well? Also, it’s just hard to trust people nowadays.

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